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[ale] Fwd: Hard Drive Death Spiral -- AKA Recovery Software?

2008/12/11 Michael H. Warfield <mhw at wittsend.com>:

> Did you let ddrescue run in multipass mode to

Using the man page as a guide, I copied partition sda5 to sdc1 and
used /tmp/ddrescue as the log file.

"ddrescue /dev/sda5 /dev/sdc1 /tmp/ddrescue" is the actual command I used.

Oddly the /tmp/ddrescue was readable while the application was open.
Now it is gone. Perhaps that's a symptom of the failing drive.) I
remember that it found 8 errors totaling 4096 k.  I thought that was a
relatively small number of errors considering that partition is 114
Gigs with about 96 Gigs of data on the disk -- no OS

I'm gonna start all over using the following from the ddrescue manual:

"Evi xample 2: Rescue an ext2 partition in /dev/hda2 to /dev/hdb2
Note: you need to create the hdb2 partition with fdisk first. hdb2
should be of appropiate type and size.

     ddrescue -n /dev/hda2 /dev/hdb2 logfile
     ddrescue -d -r3 /dev/hda2 /dev/hdb2 logfile
     e2fsck -v -f /dev/hdb2
     mount -t ext2 -o ro /dev/hdb2 /mnt
     read files from /mnt"

I downloaded a PDF of your presentation. Gave Autopsy and Sleuthkit a
brief try, but think I'll give ddrescue another try before taking on
the Autopsy/Sleuth Kit learning curve.