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[ale] a specter is haunting our school systems!

Two Twitter updates posted  to: 
at approximately 12/11/2008, 8:00pm EST:

(1) Text received: can I call u? response: I guess who r u? 
received:Karen response:k. Talked with her twice that day. Tearful, 

(2) colleagues talked her into civil litigation for privacy violation, 
now on hold. Am installing Linux on her computer this Saturday.

Stephen R. Blevins
srblevi at worldnet.att.net

Jim Philips wrote:
> And its name is...okay, it's not communism. It's Linux. For anyone who may not 
> yet have read this blog post, please read:
> http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2008/12/linux-stop-holding-our-kids-back.html
> Maybe this concerned teacher should get a job as a droid for the Business 
> Software Alliance.
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