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[ale] DVD authoring software?

Christoper Fowler wrote:
> I like Brasero
> Jim Lynch wrote:
>> I have a bunch of photos and a few .avi files I'd like to get burned to 
>> DVD.  There seems to be a variety of programs out there to do it but I'm 
>> looking for advice on which one to use.  I have a limited time available 
>> so I'm looking for something without a steep learning curve.  I don't 
>> need a lot of fancy features.  I don't have any sound.  I'm running 
>> Ubuntu 8.04 or Centos 5.1 if that makes a difference.
>> If anyone knows of a tutorial that might help too.
>> Thanks,
>> Jim.
In reading about Brasero I didn't see where it produced a video DVD. It 
looks like a very nice tool for burning data and audio but doesn't seem 
to make DVD movies. Am I reading it wrong?