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[ale] Flight simulators for Linux

Geoffrey wrote:
> I just visited their site and yes, you can purchase a DVD set that 
> contains exe. for windows, Linux and mac.  Pretty sweet.
And it works too.  I spent about 2 hours late last night testing
the 9 version on Ubuntu 8.04 with a Saitek Cyborg Gold USB
stick.  I'm pleasantly amazed. 

My desktop has built in Nvidia but is disabled by using a 128MB Nvidia
in the AGP slot.  It is an AMD XP 3000,1GB ShuttleX system I bought in
2004 and seems to run the program well.  I tried it on my Xcube with
on board video and it was unusable.  If you have a halfway decent
PC you should be in great shape.

Flight Gear pales in comparison.  My stick needed to be calibrated
for X-Plane and I could not find anyway to calibrate it in FG.  Flying
in FG because of this was not really possible.

For $40 you get a 7 DVD set with Mac, Windows, and Linux versions
This is the online price.  If you buy in a box at store you
only get one version. Updates are free until major release number.