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[ale] M$ refund

On Thursday 04 December 2008 10:37 am, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> > Your arguments sound much like the ones in old rape cases where the
> > defending attorney would say "look at how she was dressed".   Having a
> > desire to look pretty is NOT the same as wishing to be raped any more
> > than having a desire to be in business is the same as a desire to have
> > your arm twisted by a corporate bully to stay in business.
> In business having a desire to look pretty can sometimes be
> constituted as grounds for suit (i.e. If a company says "our products
> are the best!" and then can't back it up).   Esp if the company is
> raping the consumer via false adverts.
Wait, I'm confused. Are you actually trying to rebut his analogy with this or 
just starting another argument? Because I don't see a connection here.

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