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[ale] Geek Gift Ideas for Radio Show Linux Promotion

Personally, in this economy, my ideal geek gift would be employment.

With that, I could get anything else I need.


On Thu, 2008-12-04 at 15:26 -0600, Preston Boyington wrote:
> Charles Shapiro wrote:
> <snipped>
> > * The Viral Computer: a USB memory stick and a Knoppix CD. All you need
> > is your roomate's/friend's/parent's PC and you're on your way.
> I have become a fan of Dreamlinux on USB flash drive.  They have a
> pretty slick setup that has drawn several of my Mac friends attention.
> I also am looking forward to an Acer Aspire One very soon.  The netbook
> market is seeing a good amount of sales and has several Linux machines
> leading the way.  The fact that the EEE PC and the like have such a
> large hardware hacker following makes them interesting talking points as
> well.
> EEE PC hacks:
> http://beta.ivancover.com/wiki/index.php/Eee_PC_Internal_Upgrades
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