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[ale] Geek Gift Ideas for Radio Show Linux Promotion

The G1...

OpenMoko sadly misses the geek boat on a few fronts.. The main one being
SPEED. Its one thing to make a Linux phone and give it only EDGE speeds(let
alone 3G speeds)..but to deny it that basic geek right to download your
favorite media of choice was just the biggest screw up they could have made,
and FIC more than certinally had access to EDGE technology when they made
that phone.
Secondly there is the lack of apps for open moko..yes yes I know you can
make your own but the popularity of Ubuntu vs say....slackware has
certinally shown that a good percentage of geeks prefer to download rather
than compile. Android has the Marketplace, which is currenlt filling up full
of free apps...read toys..to play with on it.

Lastly there is the pointing technology used on the Android, your finger..vs
the BIC PEN sized pointer the Open Moko has(though it does come with a laser
pointer I seem to recall, geek points there)

theres also the whole real keyboard vs no keyboard thing to think about as

on the other hand...

the zZzphone (if its actually real and not a spoof) will be cool,
linux(android) based and be modular..i.e. all the addons are snap ons. The
speed stinks on it as bad as the open moko but it has keyboard, boom box and
projector(yeah right) supposably


Another good geek gift could be the XO , you get a pretty cool albeit slow
linux notebook that is obscenely green to take you back to your days with
green screen 3270 terminals and you help kids out around the world.

This was mostly tounge in cheek of course, the open moko is a VERY cool
product its just not as cool as the Android.(3G vs quad band gsm) and the XO
is and has been really cool more so now that Negroponte is out of the


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 3:48 PM, Brian <nym.bnm at gmail.com> wrote:

> > *  Linksys WRT54GL wifi router (Make SURE to get the L model!). Throw
> away
> > the boring shipped software and put OpenWRT on it. Much networking fun.
> I've come to love the new kid in town:
> Asus WL-520gU loaded with OpenWRT or DD-WRT.  The USB ports can now be
> used (even with a hub!) to provide print service or a poor man's NAS
> (or, BOTH!)
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