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[ale] M$ refund

On Wed December 3 2008, Mike Harrison wrote:
> I asked the rare clueful sales droid, why can't I get the no-OS systems
> with 1gb of ram, his story was that their agreement with M$ only allows
> them to sell "lesser" machines without OS, that if the specs matched a
> system that they sell with WinXP or Vista, they had to sell it with WinXP
> or Vista.
> Sure seems to ring true with what I see on the market.

well, if they Dell page is any indication, I can see that.. When I clicked on 
the Inspiron link, the base system was :
Intel? Pentium? Dual Core T2370 (1.73GHz/533Mhz FSB/1MB 

seems to me the lowest M$ configuration was the 2.0GHz..

Paul Cartwright
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