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[ale] will a Bluetooth adapter work with a Linksys Wireless B router ?

Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:

> You do realize Bluetooth and the Linksys 802.11b wireless router use
> totally different protocols. You could use Bluetooth and setup a PAN
> between a couple computers or use Bluetooth DUN connection.

But range would be quite limited compared to 802; something like
10m IIRC?  (My BT headset pretty much only works well when my
Centro is within about 2m of me.)

> Until I
> upgraded from my Treo 650 to the Centro I was using BT DUN to connect my
> laptop to the internet while commuting. Unfortunately Sprint in their
> infinite wisdom disabled the BT DUN profile on the Centro.

You have to purchase a "phone as modem" plan, which is a $40/month
premium over the normal Sprint Power Vision data plan.  I added it
to my Centro's plan recently when I was working in NYC and needed an
extra internet connection, and it worked great -- but I can't use
it at home -- El Paso doesn't have the right network coverage :-(
So that'll be going bye-bye presently.

If you could get local IP connectivity between the Centro and
a PC, then writing a little NAT router or port-forwarder app to
run on the Centro would probably be do-able.   That way you could
use the Centro's native IP connectivity to reach the Internet,
instead of using the Centro as a modem.  I haven't been able to
ping between my PC and Centro, tho :-(

-- JK

I do not particularly want to go where the money is -
  it usually does not smell nice there. -- A. Stepanov