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[ale] EFGA, whatever happened to it?

> On 2008, Dec, 01, , at 8:29 AM, Geoffrey wrote:

> Anyone know what ever happened to Electronic Frontier of GA?
> I still get email list notices from their mail server, but
> when I try to go to  the subscription page to unsub, the
> domain is parked.

The EFGA had their usual presence at Dragon Con in Sept.
and ran a full 4 day event track in their own 100 person
meeting room in the Hilton -- lots of forum focus on
protecting what's left of our civil rights with expose's
on the various illegal, abusive, fascist and increasingly
militarized search and enforcement tactics hiding under
cover of the Derangement of Harmland Stupidity; plus
there was hacking 101, 201 and 301; licensing, copywrong,
and copyleft in electronic media; GPL 3 explained;
Cyberpunk Film Fest; MMO Gaming; Net Neutrality and
Bandwidth Piracy by Bit Torrent Blocking; Wikipedia and
Famous Unsolved Codes among the topical list for the
EFGA track.

In addition to attending a couple of the forums I lead
an update presentation on zero evidence electronic vote
fraud with my friend John Fortuin. That was followed by
a screening of "The Right to Count", a voting rights
documentary with a focus on the Diebold history of
corruption, abuses and crimes in monopolizing Georgia
election systems that was made by our friend Richard
Van Slyke.

Randal L. Schwartz (author of several O'Reily books on Perl
programming) and Elonka Dunin (prominent contributor to
Wikipedia, noted crypto analyst and author of Secret Codes
and Cryptograms) were a couple of the noteworthy forum
leaders. ALE member JohnyX was also on the Hacking panels.

I'll talk to Scott Jones and see what's up with the EFGA
online presence, but as far as I know EFGA is still a valid
non profit legal entity.  I'm not sure the membership is
much more than you, me, Scott and Robert these days, but
it's not surprising that involvement has diminished given
the long standing climate of political fraud, incompetence
and corruption being employed to discourage citizens from
participating in democracy and exercising our civil rights.

It should also be noted that EFGA has never had much direct
affiliation with the Electronic Frontiers Foundation or
the FSF, so maybe what's needed is an evolution to a new
group that has more of a "franchise" association with the
more visible and international EFF / FSF mother ships.