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[ale] Viewing file time stamps, and USB raid enclosures

Richard Lyon wrote:
> Greetings all!
> I have two quick questions. How can I view the three time stamps of a  
> file (created, changed, modified)? I can't figure it out from the Man  
> pages for ls, or find, though I strongly suspect its in the find man  
> page, and I'm just being obtuse.
> Second, what is a good USB enclosure, which will either mirror two  
> drives itself, or has solid linux drivers for setting up a mirror? I'm  
> going to get a EEE box computer to use as a playtoy, and part of the  
> play is backup.
> Thanks
> Richard.
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        -u     with -lt: sort by,  and  show,  access  time
              with  -l:  show access time and sort by name
              otherwise: sort by access time

ls -lu will show last access time
ls -l will show last modify time