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[ale] macbook and linux

I think you are entirely correct.  When I tried to put Windows 2000K on a
laptop I discovered that there were no drivers for Windows 2K for some
features- only XP (Vista was not an option).  Needless to say this "forced
upgrade" has not been forgotten on my part to this day.  I think Dell (as
well as HP) knows that those who use Linux/*BSD will do whatever they need
to do anyway.  But yeah, I think the fear of a MS retribution weighs heavily
on their minds, as well as whatever agreements with the devil they signed
that are not public knowledge. MS has in the past created barriers for their
competitors to work with their own software (Lotus 123 vs. Excel comes to
mind first).  If MS wanted to teach them a lesson I am sure it would be
pretty painful to the Dells and HPs.