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[ale] macbook and linux

Geoffrey wrote:
> Brian Pitts wrote:
>> Geoffrey wrote:
>>> Has anyone attempted to dual boot any of the new macbooks with Linux
>>> and OSX?  I'm looking at a new laptop and I'd rather give my money
>>> to Apple, then pay Dell for the Microsoft tax.
>> The newest Macbook and Macbook Pros are based on Intel's Santa Rosa
>> platform. This is the same as my Inspiron 1420N (which you can buy
>> without paying the Microsoft tax) and is now well supported by Linux. 
> Okay, I'm game.  I've been looking at the Dell laptops as well, but I
> don't see anywhere on their website that suggests they will sell you
> one without the Microsoft virus.  Pointers?

Assuming the "dhs" in the URL doesn't stand for "Department of Homeland
Security". ;-)