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[ale] Best Linux distro for Games/Multimedia

Greg Freemyer wrote:
> All,
> I have a 15-year old nephew that is giving Linux a shot on his PC.
> Somehow a friend of his gave him a copy of Fedora 5 so he currently
> has that installed.  Obviously I need to get him on a newer distro.
> His 2 big complaints are no DIV-X player for multimedia and no first
> person shooter games.
> i've never done much of either with Linux but they seem like
> overcome-able issues at least at some level, so I'm curious what would
> be a good distro to move him to.  One of the issues is an easy
> software install system for games, since I assume he will want to try
> various ones.
> I would prefer to either go to OpenSUSE 10.3 or Fedora 8 since I will
> likely end up helping him out.

I can't speak to OpenSuse, but Fedora 8 has packages for OpenArean, 
Nexuiz, and Tremulous. DivX is a variant of MPEG-4, isntalling 
gstreamer-plugins-* from livna will let Totem play it.