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[ale] How do you store your passwords?

On Fri 2007-11-09 16:22:08 -0500, Nick Ali wrote:

> Decrypting a file: gpg --decrypt foo
> Encrypting a file: gpg --encrypt --recipient user at whatever.com bar
> (probably also want to delete the unecrypted original as well)
> I made a Makefile, where if I type 'make view', I see all my stuff
> unencrypted. If I do 'make edit', it decrypts the file, fires up vi, I
> edit away, when I exit, the file gets encrypted, and the original is
> deleted.

This is a neat use of make.  I like it.  How are you handling the
error cases?  For example, i'm thinking about what happens the first
time you try to "make edit" your password file after your GPG key
expires -- since GPG will fail to encrypt to an expired key, will it
nuke your password file entirely by overwriting it with the truncated
(failed) gpg output?

  (not that i ask from personal experience or anything...)

Care to share your makefile?  I know i'd be interested in seeing it,
at least.


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