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[ale] RE: Latency issues on DSL

Yep, its not about you.  Your graph shows the same service profile I've 
seen, and the same the SF people now report - they claim the problem 
begins in the early evening and gets worse as the evening goes on.  They 
say the problem is "intermittent" - which is incorrect, it is actually 
TOD dependent.  I've seen the same pattern for about four days now.

My metrics show ping times that peak around 800ms, so your profile is 
actually a little bit better than what I've seen.

It seems to have nothing to do with the traffic on the line.  I have 
done testing with loaded lines (streaming in, out, and both) and get 
essentially the same results as with unloaded lines.  Interestingly, the 
problem only seems to affect the download side of the line.  Upload 
speeds seem to be about normal, while download speeds drop from (for me) 
3Mbps on a good day to around 200Kbps when it is worst.  Uploads remain 
pretty constant at around 250Kbps.


cfowler at outpostsentinel.com wrote:
> Did I see someone say that SF were having issues again?  Did they finaly agree that
> this is not caused by me using p2p and there is a real problem somewhere?
> I've created some data
> http://demo.opsdc.com/delay/delay.html
> In the first graph I'm doing ping response times between me
> at a server at quality and www.google.com.  The 2nd graph is
> the actual traffic on the DSL line.  The reason for the 2nd is so
> that I can prove that I'm not doing p2p or anything else that
> could be wasting bandwidth.
> I'll update those graphs later today.
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