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[ale] How do you store your passwords?

Bob Toxen wrote:
> 1. Paper notepad inaccessible to others (some components of my most
>    confidential keys are not the actual password component but a "hint"
>    that only I would understand).
> 2. Copy of pad in safe deposit box.
> 3. Encrypted file stored on an encrypted file system that normally
>    is not moutned.
> 4. Copy of my encryption keys stored in safe deposit box and also at
>    a third location.

wow, this makes me think that maybe "password1" or "<username>1" are not
such good ideas.

on my old windows machine i used the password "pleasedontcrash", but
haven't needed it in years...

seriously though, i keep three usb keys that i sync on a regular basis.
 one stays in my pocket, one at my house, and the other in a different
location.  files are gpg encrypted and a copy of my "hints" are also in
my fire safe.