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[ale] Latency on my DSL line

On Wed November 7 2007 10:13 pm, James Sumners wrote:
> I live a quarter mile off the road and the line to my modem is about
> 100 feet long. So my signal isn't very good. I'm getting about 2Mb/sec
> down on a good day. Still, I've been having too many problems myself.
> As I was composing this message I ran the speedtest.net test and got
> about 400Kb/sec, at best. Horrible.

I ran the speednet test just now. I am in the middle of nowhere, probably 5 
miles from the CO and my house sits 300 feet back from the road at the end of 
a 1/4 mile-long cul-de-sac ( and my house wiring is 25 years old)
my results:

1961 kb/s download
380 kb/s upload
67ms ping  distance <50 miles from Atlanta
and I'm in Athens.
Paul Cartwright
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