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[ale] OT: Interesting TCP/IP windows MSG service and Comcast blasting.

We had to deal with net messages at CSU a few years back. Very
annoying. In short, yes, they can be sent across the internet.

On 11/2/07, H. A. Story <adrin at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> In light of the recent Comcast in the news screwing with bit torrnets, I
> can't help but wonder, and not sure where to stand on this with their
> port blocking and such. Sometimes I am against it and sometimes I think
> it is needed for the clueless.
> I was just helping a friend with pop ups on a old Windows 2000 machine.
> Turns out they are on a WAN IP, which is the setup I have seen with
> cable companies so often.  After working on it and then deciding to turn
> off the service, I realized that the pop up message could have been
> across the WAN and not on the machine itself. So that leads me to think
> that the msg service port is not blocked.   I just think it is crazy to
> go out of your way to block or slowdown web hosting, ftp and Bit
> Torrents and not do the same to the windows services that shouldn't be
> running across the net.   So my friend is  off to find something that
> can act as a firewall.
> Now if I am at home setting here and playing with commands and do a net
> send * "This is a message." I wonder if that gets routed out of my
> firewall/gateway and onto the Internet or if is only valid on a subnet?
> hum...
> Adrin
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