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[ale] DVD ripping

Brian Pitts wrote:
> Scott Castaline wrote:
>> I may get into transcoding in the future, for now I don't mind going 
>> through the menu systems on the DVD.
> If you change your mind, in mplayer you can skip the menus by opening 
> tracks directly. I'm pretty sure mplayer will open an iso file.
> I had to figure this out because all of the standard linux dvd players 
> (ogle, xine, mythtv's internal player) were too slow to decode dvd's 
> on my repurposed zapstation [1]. Mplayer could play them smoothly with 
> the right options, but by default it seemed to only load the first 
> track on the disk. I tried compiling it with libdvdnav support, but I 
> couldn't figure out how to navigate the dvd menu from the keyboard. 
> What I can do from the keyboard is skip between entries in the 
> playlist, so I wrote the following script to run mplayer with a 
> playlist entry for each title on the dvd.
> #!/bin/sh
> TITLECOUNT=`lsdvd /dev/scd0 | grep Title | grep -v Disc |  wc -l`
> OPTIONS="-fs -zoom -cache 8192 -vo xv -vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts lowres=1 
> -framedrop"
> for i in `seq 1 $TITLECOUNT`
> do
>     PLAYLIST="$PLAYLIST dvd://$i"
> done
>> I'm thinking of building a library of music and videos and creating a 
>> search and play front end, possibly like MythTV but different. 
>> Although M$ had already announced after their coffee table pc 
>> announcement of launching in the future something exactly along the 
>> lines of what I want to do.
> Out of curiosity, what might that be? There are a lot 
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MediaCenter/StateOfTheArtSpecs) of existing 
> linux media center projects. I'm keeping an eye on Elisa, which is 
> very reminiscent of Apple's Front Row interface.
> -Brian
> [1] Currently running Mythbuntu. The processor is reasonably fast, but 
> disk and even RAM access is slow, plus X eats a lot of CPU.
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I finally found the article, that I saw part of. Here's the link:

My concept was to have the vide/audio source follow you. It would 
directly interface to audio amplifiers through out the house with the 
main "control system" knowing where a particular user is at. The idea 
came about from the fact that I love listening to music but don't 
necessarily want to use headphones and at the same time not being tied 
to one specific spot and not broadcasting through the entire house. My 
wife's musical tastes are very different from mine so she would not 
necessarily like to be listening to the same thing I am while I'm in the 
bedroom and she is in the office. The system would also allow her to be 
listening to what she wants at the same time.