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[ale] file shares, locking and errors

I am looking at an error likely brought on by the different filesystems

server A has /home shared out with NFS (rw,no_root_squash,sync) to
several servers in the LAN. User authentication is handled by NIS+.

Server B is the NIS master. It also mounts /home from server A AND
shares out /home using NFS and Samba.

The people using the home dirs over NFS have no issues at all. But the
poor folks stuck on a winders box hitting a group share from samba are
getting "locked" error messages.

I tested the following: As a user with read/write perms to the group
folder I was able to create a new folder. In that folder I created a new
text file (notepad).  I opened the file and wrote to it and then went to
save it. I got an error message along the lines of "This file is locked
by another process" and I had to use "Save As" and use the same name of
the file. It worked (the file reflected the changes I made) but the
error message is going to cause issues.

On this Samba setup, kernel oplocks are off. 

Any ideas?
James P. Kinney III          
CEO & Director of Engineering 
Local Net Solutions,LLC        

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