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[ale] VHS to DVD?


I have done this with the Hauppauge PVR350 cards.  They work well under
Linux.  Feed the output of the VCR into the input of the Hauppauge card.
The Hauppauge card has a hardware based encoder which will burn a mpeg2 file
in real time.  It worked pretty well for me.  I found the hardware based
encoders where preferred since software based transcoding really eats CPU
(and time).


On 6/25/07, Chuck Huber <chuck at cehuber.org> wrote:
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> I have about a dozen or so VHS tapes that I need to convert to DVD.
> Each tape has a full 4 hours recorded.  I have a DVD drive that is
> capable of writing here at the office but I don't have anything that
> will accept video in.
> I have a VHS player that will emit baseband video and audio in NTSC
> format suitable for plugging into the A/V inputs on a TV.
> Can anyone recommend a TV or video card by which I could capture the a/v?
> A good suggestion for a tool chain would also be very helpful.
> Thanks,
>     - Chuck
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