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[ale] OT - Non AT&T landline

I signed up with Eartlink's DSL/phone bundle back in February. Major
mistake. First, it became nearly impossible to make international calls.
Parties on the other end couldn't hear us. After a few hopeless attempts to
resolve that issue, we just signed up for international service with a
provider who could service our cell phone lines. Second, the phone service
would just drop out periodically. When this happened, I was forced to call
their nightmare technical support on my cell phone. They were always majorly
resistant to bringing in a real tech to troubleshoot the issue. Third, my
download speed for DSL was about half what I was used to. Nobody could ever
explain that completely. One guy said that my earlier connection had
probably been through a remote and that BellSouth had forced them connect
all the way back to the switch when I cut over. Maybe. Fourth, I had billing
problems one month and it took about 90 minutes of explaining and
threatening to get them to correct it. At this point, Earthlink has got to
be one of the most poorly run companies in the ISP business. Makes me sad
when I remember what Mindspring used to be. I ended up ditching them before
my contract was done.

On 6/25/07, Jeff Lightner <jlightner at water.com> wrote:
>  All the talk about broadband/DSL for AT&T/Bellsouth made me wonder if
> anyone on the list is using someone else is using one of the 3rd party
> regular telephone providers and if so whether they would recommend others to
> use them.
> I'm not talking about Broadband telephone but rather the regular phone
> lines (POTS?).   Also not talking about providers like Windstream that own
> lines outside of Bellsouth areas ? I'm in a Bellsouth area so wouldn't be
> able to get them unless they also provided the kind of service I'm talking
> about.   Basically I'm looking for a CLEC if you know what that is.
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