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[ale] Vinyl to CD

Jim Moore wrote:
> Have several hundred 33 vinyls.  Many of which would like to convert.  
> Note from previous posts that many of you are sound oriented.  
> Suggestions would be appreciated.  Need the usual capabilities;i.e; 
> hiss  reduction and pop removal; also would be nice to be able to have 
> some effect controls such as reverb etc.

I don't know of anyway to automate this, particularily with lps.  I've 
got over 500 and have been working my way through them slowly.  I've 
always been very careful in trying to keep them in good shape.  Anyway, 
there's still quite a bit difference from one to the next in the amount 
of 'work' they need.  I've been doing all of mine by hand using 
audacity.  It all depends on how picky you are.  I could easily edit 
each track separately.  With what I've got left to convert, I've figured 
that it would take me about 30 more years working 5 hours a day. :)  I 
don't have that kind of time.

Anyone have any good suggestions on automating this process?

Until later, Geoffrey

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