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[ale] Vinyl to CD

On Wednesday 20 June 2007 15:36, dhhoward at comcast.net wrote:
| When I get back to Atlanta, I'll dig up my notes on how to set thresholds 
for automatic click/pop removal and maybe we can find a way to make 
Audicity do the same.
| Another reason not to get locked into proprietary solutions....

I have faced this issue in other ways, but I would suggest that
one key question needs to be asked:

What is your own time worth?

If a $350 piece of software will save you a hundred hours of fiddling
at the keyboard, your time only needs to be worth more than $3.50/hr.

I am a great fan of FOSS, but sometimes proprietary software does the
job so much better that it is worth the price. Not always; but sometimes.


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