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[ale] Newbi question: How can I pass paramenters to my kernel?

Scully Wu, on 08/24/2007 04:12 PM said:
> My usbcore is not a module, it's built in.
> I'd like to pass parameter
> usbcore.blinkenlights=1
> to the kernel
> where can I do it?
> I try this in the console command line. but it said "usbcore: command
> not found"
> Below is what I have:
> "
> /usr/src/linux-
> <>
> /usr/src/linux-
> <>
> "
> Thanks in advance.

The kernel takes its command line parameters from the boot-loader, such
as GRUB or LILO.

For GRUB, your kernel parameters go on the "kernel" line; for LILO, they
go on an "append=" line, IIRC.

Some operating systems, like Debian-based ones, build the boot loader
configuration dynamically.  If you want to pass the parameter now and
forevermore, regardless of kernel upgrades, then at least on Ubuntu
systems, you can put the parameter in question on the line that says:

# defoptions=quiet splash

... after "splash".  Don't remove the # character, because even though
it's commented out, it's used as information to rebuild the file.


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