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[ale] OT Interesting statistic

In a prior incarnation I was a Hotel worker.   I had worked days doing an accounting job in Houston and on moving to Atlanta got a front desk (night audit) job.  It amazed me that just walking back and forth behind the counter and to the office behind the wall I lost 30 pounds in 3 months.


Walking/Hiking is a great exercise.  When I've been serious about that and watching what I eat (eating properly - not bizarre diets) I can easily lose weight.   If only I had the discipline...


For the mapping - perhaps you couldn't be quite as accurate as with GPS but it seems you could guestimate fairly well by using a pedometer and a compass - just mark your distance and where you change direction.    Nice to know about the trees though.  I like to hike and had considered buying a GPS device just because some of the maps (especially for Chattahoochee NRA) are confusing as hell or just plain inaccurate.



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so, you skew the average low :P

the rest of us have to walk to the office printers :)


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On Monday 30 April 2007 11:33:35 am Warren Myers wrote: 
> all the back-and-forth walking that many of us do even over short distances
> (to the printer, to the fridge, to the bathroom, to our coworker's cube, to
> the car)... it sounds plausible.

my office is my dining room, complete with beer-fridge, and 2 printers within
reaching distance, and a scanner-fax-copier within an arms stretch:)
bathroom breaks are when I walk outside ( at least once a day;-) with the 

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