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[ale] Printers stink

On Friday 27 April 2007 08:50, James P. Kinney III wrote:
| I really think my next print system is going to be one of Xerox crayon
| printers. I've had enough of HP.

If you can get by with color output a thin notch down from a
commercial quality color (inkjet) printer, then don't give up on
HP printers; just try one of the color laser printers.  I am using
a 2605 dn (duplex/networked) and the only complaint I have is speed.
At 12 ppm for straight text it is slow by today's standards.  I think
the next model up is about twice as fast -- but it probably costs 
nearly twice as much. :)

I finally threw out my Epson color inkjet (exhibition quality and
17'-wide paper feed) because of the high cost of ink.  I was only
using it once or twice a month and the ink kept drying up in the nozzles.
The damn thing was costing me a fortune in ink.  It has been much
cheaper for me to make a sample print on the HP laser and take it and the
image file down to a custom printer when I need a professional grade
What I _need_ is proper color-matching software that will allow me to
calibrate my monitor/printer/scanner.  This has been around for years
now on Windows and Max boxes. To go with that I also need graphics
software (Gimp et al) that can use the generated color profiles.


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