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[ale] Fiesty Fawn fumbling under wireless

On Sat, 2007-04-28 at 17:46 -0400, tom wrote:

> I put Ubuntu 7.04 on my ThinkPad laptop, and I pretty much have
> everything 
> working except for a bit of weirdness under wireless. When the 
> network-manager attempts to connect to my Linksys travel
> router/wireless 
> AP, everything is going smooth until the network-manager wants to save
> the 
> password to the keyring. I have never set up a keyring password, and 
> haven't found a clue as to a default password might be. Any ideas
> where to 
> look or work arounds so this thing will "just work"?
> FWIW, the keyring manager _is_ installed, I just have not found how to
> get 
> in.
> Thanks in advance for the use of your bandwidth, and for any clues
> which 
> may turn up. 

The first time it attempts to use a keyring and it is not found, it will
prompt you for a password to create the keyring with.  You'll have to
enter that password twice, and then you'll be able to use that password
in the future to get single-passworded access to everything that is
stored in the keyring.  I've been using that since Edgy and been really
happy with it.

Without seeing what it's popping up exactly, I don't know what it is
asking for.  You can manage your keyring using
Applications->Accessories->Passwords and Encryption Keys.  You might
find some clues there that will help you out.

    -- Mike

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