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[ale] Blog

Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> I have been playing around with Wordpress for a while now. It does
> support multiple blogs and runs on Linux. I like using it, it presents
> you with a neat directory structure when you install it so you can start
> blogging right away. You can customize it too with lots of plugins, and
> dive right into php.
> -Sonali

I thought that to have multiple blogs with Wordpress, you had to install 
Wordpress multiple times. There is a fork of Wordpress at 
http://mu.wordpress.org/ that does support multiple blogs within one 
installation. According to their FAQ, most Wordpress plugins should be 
compatible with it.

If all you'lle ver want is blogging, I'd go with Wordpress MU. 
Otherwise, I'd look at Joomla! and Drupal.