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[ale] Using the VT capability of the CPU...

You can download Vmware-server for free.  You may like this much better than


On 4/28/07, Michael B. Trausch <fd0man at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Alright, so I have a problem and I am not quite sure where to find the
> answer.
> This block of classes requires me to spend a particularly disturbing
> amount of time inside of Windows.  Now, I don't really want to do that,
> obviously, because when I am in Windows I can do nothing else, because
> everything is actually in Linux.  I could use QEMU and Win2k like I did
> before I bought this computer, but I found out yesterday that I have a CPU
> that supports hardware virtualization (AMD, that is).  What I would like to
> know is how to take advantage of this, and what the issues are surrounding
> it, perhaps comparing it to a purely software VM like QEMU.
> I have looked at Xen lightly, but it looks like I am going to have to
> build a kernel myself and the like, because the kernel that is installed
> with Xen on Ubuntu is an older one.  :-/
> First off, do CPU-assisted VMs also partition the actual hardware of the
> machine to share between both operating systems, or does the host system
> emulate resources like the NIC, HD, BIOS, etc. for the guest system?
> I am sure that there are other things that I should be asking, but I don't
> even know what they are.  Anything would, of course, be helpful.
>     ? Mike
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