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[ale] Printers stink

We have used the Xerox Phaser 8500 and 8400 color lasers for a while now.  They work great with Linux since they come postscript enabled, networked, and with a bunch of printing protocols for connecting machines.  The cost between the 8550 and the equivalent HP is that on the front end the Xerox is a bit cheaper.  The supplies cost the same between the machines when you look at the drum kit life, ink cost and so on.  The only caveat is that Xerox has a one year warranty and after that you really need to buy a hardware support contract for $250/yr from a Xerox qualified printer support company.  If you do that then it is really a great printer.  Without the support contract, it is too expensive to fix due labor and parts being way high.  So far we have had three hardware issues out of 5 printers in 2.5 years.  With the support contract there is no cost outside of the yearly contract fee.  The solid ink is fantastic for color prints and is way nicer than HP.  I've given up on keeping inkjets running well for now.  The printheads and ink cartridges go bad quick if you use them too much or too little.

I'm always interested in lower wattage, high quality printing, postscript enabled, networked color laserjets!  

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>I have a small squadron of HP inkjet printers. They are all similar in
>that they use the same model ink tanks and print heads. I specifically
>got them so they would be compatible. 
>Lately, the newest one, officejet 9100 all-in-one, reports that the
>print heads are nearly dead and is printing quite crappy. This
>particular machine has been problematic from day one. In fact, this is
>the third one as the first and second were replaced under warranty
>(total print system failure - nothing would work).
>So here I am trying to get something done and all I get are streaky
>So I run the printhead cleaner.
>no changes
>run the HEAVY printhead cleaner
>no changes
>run the gawd awful use half the ink cleaner setting
>no changes
>System says print heads are shot.
>Buy new print heads (second batch. First batch "died" within 3 month/400
>pages of new system).
>At this point I'm ranting all over the place about the lousy quality,
>yada yada yada...
>So I grab the can of flux remover and 4 cotton swabs and clean the
>contacts for the print head connections.
>It worked!!  Now the printer reports all print heads are OK and it
>prints without great streaks of missing cyan, black and yellow.
>I really think my next print system is going to be one of Xerox crayon
>printers. I've had enough of HP.
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