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[ale] Cisco 2600 DHCP config question

Jim Popovitch wrote:

> I've got a 2600 @ $DAYJOB.  It hangs off of a dev network and routes
> to/from a testbed network.  On the testbed network there lives a DHCP
> server for some IP phone handsets.  The problem is systems on the dev
> network get DHCP addresses from the testbed DHCP server instead of the
> corp DHCP server which is upstream from the dev network.   Ideally there
> would be a one-line ISO command to tell the 2600 to not route DHCP
> requests...

Is this router also a bridge?  DHCP is not an IP protocol; it
runs directly on top of the link layer, so shouldn't ever be routed
by an IP router.  (This must be the case, since many of the entities
participating in DHCP don't have IP addresses.)  It could
be bridged, though, at the link layer.  And I may be forgetting some
other bit of network trivia that's relevant to the question, in
which case, I'd love to be enlightened.

-- JK

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be
dismissed without evidence." -- Christopher Hitchens