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[ale] DHCPD conf file

Not the problem.

The main problem is that if the eth0 connection drops and comes back up
then Ubuntu will run dhclient on that interface.  Dhcpd sees this and

I think that telling dhcpd to ignore will not work because dhclient will
configure the address as a 169.......  It may be best to just feed
dhclient the correct info.

On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 10:14 -0400, Brian W. Neu wrote:
> I think the answer is to set eth0 as a static address instead of a 
> dynamic address.
> Wait . . .how many ethernet interfaces does this laptop have?
> I don't think it's possible to run dhcpd and dhcp client on the same 
> interface.
> I know that you can pass an argument to dhcpd to restrict it to 
> listening on a single interface.
> # dhcpd --help
> Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.5-RedHat
> Copyright 2004-2006 Internet Systems Consortium.
> All rights reserved.
> Usage: dhcpd [-p <UDP port #>] [-d] [-f]
>             [-cf config-file] [-lf lease-file]
>                   [-tf trace-output-file]
>                   [-play trace-input-file]
>             [-t] [-T] [-s server] [if0 [...ifN]]
> If I'm understanding correctly, it looks like passing "eth0" as an 
> argument to dhcpd should work. . . "should"
> cfowler wrote:
> > Is there a way I can tell dhcpd3 to ignore a certain mac?  I use my eth0
> > on my laptop as a router for my VOIP phone.  I use a crossover cable
> > between my phone and it.  When I turn the phone off and pack on my
> > lapopt detects a CAT-5 connection and runs dhclient.  Bamn it gets an IP
> > from its own server and then everything is broken.  It is no longer the
> > gateway and has nicely replaced /etc/resolv.conf.  I can turn off dhcp
> > in the configuration but I also use this interface to connect to
> > networks.  I want to simply tell dhcpd.conf is possible that if it
> > receives a DHCP request from this interface to ignore it.
> >
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