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[ale] wgr614V6 router firmware update, ACK !

wow.. did I screw myself up.
I made the mistake of downloading AND installing the latest firmware for my 
router.. WGR614V6 ( no, I didn't back up the OLD settings:)

after that, I couldn't access my bank, my.yahoo.com or any https site that 
required a login.
I reset the damn thing to defaults, no change... finally, about 2 hours later, 
I tried deleting the cache on firefox, and VOILA !
that SUCKS!
I am still having login problems on my wifes login, using firefox, but mine 
works, as does my (cough) winXP firefox on my laptop.
I've tried deleting the cache 3 or 4 times but it still doesn't work.
any hints?

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Ubuntu User number is # 12459