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[ale] OT: Charter Broadband

William Bagwell wrote:
> On Sunday 22 April 2007 07:21 pm, Scott Castaline wrote:
>> Thx, I've forgot about this site. By the way it did turn out to be the
>> modem, which is what I was trying to tell them to begin with. They kept
>> on insisting that it was my equipment/software.
> Can you put it in bridge mode and use something that works?
> May be apples to oranges here since I'm on DSL, but the two times I had to 
> use the "modem" as my ISP intends it to be used, I was not happy with it 
> at all. Many problems, DNS (which effected speed) and security...
I was able to connect my box or my wife's box directly to the modem and 
would get the same results. Up & down like a yo-yo. The tech that came 
today actually had run a line test through the modem and the 
signal-to-noise ratio was bad. Popped out the Ambit modem and popped in 
a SA WebSTAR and all seems to be happy except I can't access the status 
page or log pages of the modem like I could on the Ambit. It took 5 
techs on-site and about 20 phone calls to get this done. Unfortunately, 
unless there's another way the only alternative is Bellslowth, which is 
still at 3Mb/s and you usually wind up talking to someone that sounds 
like they're from/in Bangladesh, and trying to sell you their router 
which will allow 2 PCs to each connect at 3Mb/s instead of splitting the 
3Mb/s, whatever. I guess through compression they maybe able to give 
equiv 6Mbps total bandwidth?