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[ale] quick poll - what monitoring tools do you use?

At my previous job, I set up Hobbit Monitor  to monitor ~30 Linux servers,
plus external services such as SMTP, HTTP, and DNS.  The server ran on a
PIII 500MHZ machine with 384M RAM just fine. I chose it for the following

   - good dashboard-style web GUI (reminiscent of BB)
   - ease to manage (server-central config,  plain text)
   - historical trendlines by RRDTOOL are built-in for many tests.
   - quick results (monitoring of processes, log files, services are so
   - easy to extend
   - open-source. I got to peek into the C code to figure out a thing or
   two at times.

On 4/19/07, Jeff Lightner <jlightner at water.com> wrote:
>  The mention of Nagios in the other thread reminded me of a presentation
> at Ale NW where someone was going over a different monitoring tool though
> I forget at the moment the name of that one.  During that they also
> mentioned Big Brother.
> Would folks be willing to say what open source/free monitoring tool you
> use and why you chose it over others if you did?
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