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[ale] what is a good offsite back up proposal?

Offsite backup can be as simple as doing daily backups to tape and
sending them offsite for storage (companies like Iron Mountain do the
storage).   They can also be as complex as using EMC's SRDF to do remote
data copies of the underlying disks from one Symmetrix to another at an
offsite location.

For the size you're talking about I'd definitely look into commercial
backup software like NetBackup.

Another idea we're actually planning for now is to use DataDomain
(commercial) deduplication strategy.   This backs up data to the
DataDomain hard drive storage but due to the deduplication allows one to
get very high compression (after the first backup) because it only backs
up blocks (not files) that have changed since the previous backup.  I've
seen people report as high as 40 to 1 storage for Oracle databases.
We'll use this as our primary backup medium then use NetBackup's
vaulting tools to duplicate that data out to tape for offsite storage.

Of course there are other disk array makes such as Hitachi Data Systems
as well as other backup software vendors such as Legato and also other
folks doing deduplication or other appliance backup things such as
Sepaton or NetApp.  

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On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 12:01 -0400, Louis Zamora wrote:
> I have to build a 2tb server using RH and I am creating full
> redundancy on the hard drives but the customer also wants offsite
> backup.

Offsite being different location?

> Currently, the customer has no good back up option on the network.

No decent software?

> Has anyone heard of a good back up solution lately (homegrown or
> otherwise)?

I guess you could use rsync between the two servers.  That should backup
only what has changed.

What is being backed up?  SQL?  If so those services should be stopped
during the procedure.

Backing up piles of data over a WAN especially up to 2TB could take a
long time.  

> I am open to building a separate server if needed.

If they want an offsite backup I would assume you would need space at a
remote location of up to 2TB at least.  I guess making another server
would be a good start.

> Thanks,
> Louie
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