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[ale] quick poll - what monitoring tools do you use?

Nagios here.  I've used Big Brother, so maybe I'll take a gander at Hobbit.

Nagios does leave a bit to be desired in some areas.

Kind regards,

Raylynn Knight wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 13:16 -0400, Jeff Lightner wrote:
>> The mention of Nagios in the other thread reminded me of a
>> presentation at Ale NW where someone was going over a different
>> monitoring tool though I forget at the moment the name of that one.
>> During that they also mentioned Big Brother.
> That would have been my presentation on Hobbit
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/hobbitmon/). The Hobbit monitor is a
> system for monitoring of hosts and networks, inspired by the Big Brother
> system. It provides real-time monitoring, an easy web-interface,
> historical data, availability reports and performance graphs.
>> Would folks be willing to say what open source/free monitoring tool
>> you use and why you chose it over others if you did?
> I chose Hobbit, because I was already familiar with Big Brother.  Big
> Brother is not free, and Hobbit is.  It was very simple to get up and
> running with Hobbit.  I monitor my DSL link, my providers DNS, my
> webserver, my firewall box, a linksys WRT54GS, 2 linksys WAPs, my print
> server, my 2 DNS servers, and 3 NFS servers.
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