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[ale] cannot thank ALE subscribers enough

On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 20:11 -0400, Brian W. Neu wrote:
> All,
>     I really can't put to words how stressed I was about this finding 
> someone able to be on call for my business this weekend.  Fourteen 
> enthusiasts offered their services to help, which was more than I ever 
> imagined.  I've been in something of a techie vacuum since I moved to 
> Atlanta almost 4 years ago.  Every time that I configure or hack 
> something that is nothing short of awesome, I've never had anyone with 
> whom to share the experience (or just tolerate my boring 
> explanations/delusions of grandeur).   So to see 14 people step up in a 
> second to help someone they didn't even know, was a little moving.  I 
> look forward to meeting some of you soon.

We may be a bit "rough around the edges" but we are pretty solid
community. :)

Welcome to the world outside the vacuum!

The opportunity to do a face-to-face with the more social geeks on ALE
may present itself shortly. As a now (hopefully) annual event, we try to
have a spring picnic/cookout/get together. Last year, I hosted at my
and the 2004 event was hosted by Tom Shapiro

Rumors are flying that another ALEer is planning on hosting the 2007
event so stay tuned for more :)

> Thank you,
> Brian W. Neu
> Special thanks to:
> Doug M
> Keith M
> Tony C
> Chris B
> Geoffrey M
> Jeff L
> Trey S
> Ned W
> Mark W
> James K
> Jeff L
> James S
> and "Step"
> May you all be forever immortalized in the ALE archives for your 
> kindness and willingness to work on the weekend.
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