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[ale] HAL fstab-sync help

You can just add it to /etc/fstab.   My read of the fstab-sync man page
is that only those options with the "managed" option shown are acted
upon by hald.

/dev/sd?	 /my/directory                    ext3    defaults
1 2

Once added to fstab just run "mount /my/directory" - this forces it to
look for the information in /etc/fstab so is a good way to check that it
is correct. 

On your next boot it should mount automatically because it is in fstab.

By the way - ALWAYS save a copy of originals so you can back out:
cp -p /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.20070419
BEFORE you do the above edit.

I like the cp -p because it preserves the original permissions and
date/timestamp of the file so you know when it was actually created.
Appending the current date to the name lets you know when you saved it
so you have two different dates there.   If something blows up you can
just copy it back over /etc/fstab to put it back the way it was.

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I have a Fedora Core 4 box I'm working with and no Xwindows.  I need to
add a 
disk to it and can't find docs on the web that make it easy.  Since it
running haldaemon it requires use of fstab-sync.  Here's what I do when
is no hal.

fdisk /dev/sd?
mke2fs -j /dev/sd?
mount /dev/sd? /my/directory

I'd like the disk to mount at boot time.  

Thanks in advance.
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