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[ale] Wandering OT: Re: Car PC's and internet radio?

> Do a google search on STA450A
> also STA400A
> Those are XM channel decoder chips.
> Unfortunately  I can't prove that XM transmitter chips do not exist.  

You are forgetting about the undocumented features like the ESP brain wave 
intentions scanner that reports back to Department of Homeland Security 
and the CIA any un-American thoughts: 

Like running a socialist/community-centric operating system like Linux. 

The hidden transmitter, transmitting on frequencies only dogs can dream 
about, that don't show up on normal RF spectral scans powered by
the internal-nano-dark-matter power supply is old news compared to the
3d dream/reality visualizer (OpenGL on Slowlaris) interface that processes 
and displays the collected brainwave activity to our friendly and helpful 
government agents.