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[ale] DSL wireless router suggestions?

It looks like I'm in the market for a 3rd party DSL wireless router
that can do QoS. I recently moved into an apartment in my
grandparent's basement. I want to keep the DSL equipment upstairs in
my grandfather's office so he can reset if need be when I'm not
around. This makes using my P2 machine/router infeasible. There is no
place to put it upstairs, and I would have to run a second cable to
get it connected directly to the modem if place somewhere in my
apartment. Basically, using my homegrown solution would overly
complicate matters.

Criteria I would like the 3rd party solution to meet:
* QoS (CBQ prefered).
* No arbitrary limit (e.g. 5 or 10) on the number of IPtables and/or QoS rules.
* Capable of running a third party firmware (a Linux based router).
* 802.11g.
* At least two built-in switched ports (preferably 4).

I'm pretty sure a Linksys solution is going to be suggested. But if
there are others available, I would like to know. I don't particularly
like Linksys products; but I also haven't been impressed with
Netgear's SOHO routers either (the white plastic type).

Thanks in advance.

James Sumners

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