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[ale] Car PC's and internet radio?

> I was just curious if anyone out in ALE land has not only added a linux box
> of their choice of flavor to their car..but if they also given it enough
> mobile bandwidth so sustain an internet radio feed. I have done this with my

While I have an EVDO Verizon connection in my truck/car via a WinMobile
powered Motorola Q.. ( a love/hate thing ).. great for emergency 'net access.

[opinion style="flame-suit:on;"]
That is just an inane waste of expensive bursty poorly connected bandwidth. 

Save a few hours of your fav net radio "channels" to HD
and play them back via CD or Line-In or MP3-Player. 
It's not like they are really live anyway... (most of them
are not.. at least, not the bad techno/trance/ambient 
channels I listen too). 

XMMS does a great job of saving streams..