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[ale] mailx with attachments seems to be locking up?


I have a nightly backup script that sends me a status update as part
of the process.

Last month I added doing a rsync to a remote server as part of the script.

I decided to do a "rsync --stats ..." and send the output to a temp
file and e-mail that to me as an attachment with
"mailx Greg.Freemyer at my_corp.com -a /tmp/rsync.details -s
"TruStore1000 rsync details"

I've never used the -a option before, but it seems like at least half
the time mailx is frozen in the morning and I have to kill it.  It
dies easy enough, but why is it locking up?

FYI: Last nights attachment file was only 7K bytes so it should not be
a size issue.

Greg Freemyer
The Norcross Group
Forensics for the 21st Century