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[ale] syslog indicating hdd problems

Greg Freemyer wrote:
> Scott,
> smartd can do a background read to ensure the integrity of your drive.
>  Yours appears to be failing.
> I would powerdown that drive immediately, then do the following.
> 1) Remove the drive and put it in your freezer overnight.  (I really
> don't know why, but that is one of the ways to try to recover data
> from a failing drive.  Maybe someone else knows why this works.)
> 2) Get a new/replacement drive ready to go.  Get yourself a Linux Boot
> CD your comfortable with and ensure it has dd_rescue on it.
> 3) Install the original drive and the new drive (hopefully as masters
> on 2 different IDE chains if the are PATA).
> 4) Boot the CD and use dd_rescue to clone your failing drive.
> Good Luck,
> Greg
> On 4/13/07, Scott Castaline <hscast at charter.net> wrote:
>> I was just looking through my log while trying to track down something
>> else and saw this:
>> Apr 13 16:08:14 ncc1701f smartd[2762]: Device: /dev/sda, 906 Currently
>> unreadable (pending) sectors
>> Apr 13 16:08:14 ncc1701f smartd[2762]: Device: /dev/sda, 1112 Offline
>> uncorrectable sectors
>> Does this mean that whatever was there is gone? How do I determine what
>> happened? I am using LVM in my setup, how do I now which lv got
>> affected? As far as I know it just started for the first time about 2
>> hrs. ago.
>> TIA
>> PS maybe I need to cut back on the Guiness or complain to the company
>> that's blasting next door.
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Fortunately it's not my boot drive, so that's not an issue. It si 
actually a SATA 160GB WD. I have an identical WD 160GB SATA on the 
second channel of the SATA HA that has the original copy of the files 
that's on the dying one. I guess I'll just use that one until I can 
replace the bad drive.