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[ale] CentOS 5.0 released!!

Probably not much benefit for the non-commercial user on that score.
However if you intend someday to work where Linux IS used as an OS of
choice by your employer chances are you should be knowledgeable of
RedHat or Suse.  Since RH is the larger of the two then knowing CentOS
or Fedora Core would be of some benefit.

Of course that argument gets rid of the length of support benefit
mentioned.  If you know CentOS 1 or FC 2 but your potential employer is
using RHEL 5 they may not consider you "up to speed".

As for me I'm curious as to whether there are any benefits of CentOS
over FC other than the length of support.  FC is the one that serves as
beta for what goes into RHEL.   I've been doing a lot with FC/RHEL so
I'm wondering what CentOS would give me over FC.

As to Ubuntu or other Debian distros being "better" that's just plain
silly.  There are folks that like the apt style of package management.
Me I prefer rpm and yum (and up2date).   It's all about opinions and
though everyone will give you reasons why they believe their opinion is
correct it still boils down to preferences.   That's why there are so
many distros already.   A lot of the purists are still mad at RH for
taking that name back to commercial only (and making FC the
non-commercial distro).  Some of their thinking about RH has more to do
with that perceived insult to OSS than to anything else.

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On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 08:05 -0400, Courtney Thomas wrote:
> Please pardon my ignorance, but of what value is that for a non-
> commercial
> or average user  ?

For a desktop OS I do not think much.  For a server os the values lies
in the fact that it is supported much longer than Fedora Core or other
distis.  With the long life you can keep it updated longer.  

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