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[ale] OT: U.P.S. Recommendations

	I'd have to second the opinion on Liebert... At my last place I
replaced two APC Symmetra 12KVa units with a single Liebert NX 30KVa
unit and it was running perfectly when I left the company. Which was
more than I could say for the two APC units that had failed over under
Northern California rolling blackouts.

Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> Aaron -
> What you probably want are "true online" UPSses - marketroidese for
> UPSses that run the load off their inverters all the time.  This is
> distinct from the typical APC/Belkin stuff that still has a "burp" when
> they switch over from direct to inverter, relying to some extent on
> systems' power supplies' tolerance for burps and perhaps even
> ferroresonant transformers (meaning that they use transformers whose
> electromagnetic circuit is designed with a built-in 60Hz "tuning fork"
> effect.
> I tend to recommend Liebert (now part of Emerson Electric) for Serious
> Shiznit.  See
> http://www.liebert.com/dynamic/displayproduct.asp?id=513&cycles=60Hz
> - Jeff
> aaron wrote:
>> I've been trusting the life of my computers to the Southern
>> Company monopolists and Georgia Power for as long as I've
>> I've been living with computers (or, in their little silicon minds,
>> living _for_ them).
>> In truth, the electricity has been generally reliable and consistent
>> in my area, at least as far as I can tell without having ever put
>> meters on it, but I'm overdue to start playing a little safer and
>> invest in a U.P.S. / Power conditioning system to help safeguard
>> my money machines.
>> I'm looking to provide power to a couple 400 watt computers with
>> CRT monitors plus a few external disk drives. A 30 minute battery
>> run time would ride through most of the occasional bumps and brief
>> outages that happen here. Don't need any remote monitoring or
>> alerts and such since these aren't server systems.  Just looking for
>> advice on appropriate size and brands that are a reliable value.
>> Like any computerized rubbish bin would say...
>>      Any Input Appreciated!
>> peace
>> aaron

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