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[ale] OT: U.P.S. Recommendations

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 22:02 -0400, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> Aaron -
> What you probably want are "true online" UPSses - marketroidese for
> UPSses that run the load off their inverters all the time.  This is
> distinct from the typical APC/Belkin stuff that still has a "burp" when
> they switch over from direct to inverter, relying to some extent on
> systems' power supplies' tolerance for burps and perhaps even
> ferroresonant transformers (meaning that they use transformers whose
> electromagnetic circuit is designed with a built-in 60Hz "tuning fork"
> effect.

Be warned, "true online" equals full time noise.  Modern home
electronics can handle the "burp" USPes without problems, plus you
wallet will appreciate it in addition to your ears.

-Jim P.