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[ale] wireless security

While WPA2 seems far batter than the worthless (IMHO) WiFi,
use StrongSwan to establish a VPN through the wireless.  Even "innocent"
browsing could give clues to your company's next product or clues
regarding what bank you use.

Bob Toxen
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On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 06:20:50PM -0400, Daniel Howard wrote:
> Although the conventional wisdom has been that WiFi security is 
> laughable, there have been some improvements lately (WPA2/802.11i) and 
> there are third party solutions that require an additional access server 
> be added to the network.
> What is the currently thinking of this group of the adequateness of the 
> 802.11i security in off the shelf WiFi APs?
> TIA, Daniel
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